Data Share for Better Care

Each of our services is designed to empower healthcare providers with the tools they need to maximize the quality and management of care they deliver to patients every day by enhancing efficiency, security and timeliness.

Collectively, WYFI services work together to bridge different facilities and providers throughout the state. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals all have access to the same updated clinical information to ultimately take the best possible care of Wyoming patients!

Community Health Record

Provides access to a patient’s clinical records from all WYFI data sources, including laboratory results, radiology reports, transcribed reports, medications and clinical care summaries.

Benefits for healthcare providers: Provides streamlined, 24/7 access to a patient’s clinical information within WYFI for providers and their staff. Allows care teams treating a patient to access clinical information that may not be readily available. Reduces the need to call providers to search for clinical information.

Analytics/Population Health Reporting

Aggregates and normalizes patient data for population health management and surveillance.

Benefits for healthcare providers: Eliminates the need to request, fax and scan patient clinical information.

Direct Secure Messaging

Allows healthcare providers to electronically send and receive clinical information quickly and securely to other providers.

Benefits for healthcare providers: Eliminates the need to request, fax and scan patient clinical information.

Referrals Management

Allows providers to send, receive, and track patient referrals and patient documentation across different healthcare settings.

Benefits for healthcare providers: Allows providers to easily track and monitor patient referrals from beginning to end, eliminating the need to chase down information via phone calls or fax.

Clinical Event Notifications

Creates alerts for patients who have been admitted, discharged or transferred from community healthcare facilities.

Benefits for healthcare providers: Providers can be made aware of a patient admission/discharge/transfer events to coordinate transitions of care from hospital to primary care setting.

Electronic Results Distribution

Results from WYFI data sources, including laboratory results and radiology reports, can be routed directly into the provider of record’s certified Electronic Health Record (EHR). For providers who do not have a certified Electronic Health Record, WYFI offers a local platform that enables sending and viewing of clinical results data.

Benefits for healthcare providers: This capability eliminates the need for faxes, manual scanning, and attaching clinical records to the patient’s electronic medical record.

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