Our ultimate goal is to connect all healthcare providers around Wyoming through one secure network that is WYFI. That means a small walk-in clinic will have access to the same information as a large hospital. Comprehensive data information will only mean better service to the patients we serve in our communities. But we need your help to make WYFI as complete as possible. 

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Join the WYFI Steering Committee

The WYFI Steering Committee is comprised of different types of healthcare professionals across the state who meet regularly to discuss and collaborate on WYFI development. The steering committee is important in navigating and managing the Health Information Exchange. The goal of the committee is to ensure the HIE is sustainable while meeting the needs of providers and the community. 

There are 5 different categories of committee members, depending on skills, resources and interests:

Provider Relations

Maintains and develops collaborative relationships between WYFI healthcare professionals and WYFI administration.

Legal & Policy

Monitors the consent model and policies that are used, dictated by state law and industry regulations, making sure the system is compliant and preventing any illegal or unethical conduct.


Oversees investment and operations needed to independently sustain WYFI.


Makes recommendations on the system’s operational framework in terms of efficiency, standards and industry criteria, as needed.

Privacy & Security

Ensures that WYFI has technology and policies in place to protect the privacy of patient information and that the information is secure.