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January 2021

Reimbursement funding is still available in 2021!

March 2021

This month the connection with South Dakota
added the capability for WYFI members to
query CCDs.

May 2021

WYFI now has 3,540,886 Live Patient Encounters and 385,521 Covered Lives!

July 2021

Skip the login and save time with Single Sign On (SSO)!

September 2021

Over 400K covered lives!

February 2021

The Wyoming legislature recently passed, and the 
governor signed into law, SF0054, which grants
Wyoming Medicaid the authority to maintain
and administer the WYFI

April 2021

Welcome Sweetwater Memorial Hospital, Wyoming Medical Center and Wyoming Health Medical Group to WYFI!

June 2021

Want to close your referral loop?  WYFI has a solution for that! 

August 2021

Reach out to be a member of our sub-committees today!

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