It’s Your Decision!


We believe WYFI is an influential tool that will improve the efficiency of healthcare information among healthcare facilities across the state.  WYFI offers many benefits to you, however, your participation is voluntary.  It is your decision to have your health records shared.

If your healthcare provider is participating in WYFI then they should be notifying you that your information is being shared.  You can choose not to participate, this is known as “opting out”.

Choosing to opt out is quick and easy, however, we encourage you to discuss this with your healthcare provider and review the FAQs first.  If you opt out of sharing your records with WYFI, emergency departments and other healthcare providers will not have access to the tools that could very well save your life. 

WYFI has provided your healthcare provider with the proper forms that will need to be filled out and signed by you.

Opting back into WYFI is also quick and easy.  If you decide down the road that you would like to participate your healthcare provider has those forms as well.

Online Opt Out Form

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WYFI Consumer Brochure

Opt Out Form

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